3 Awesome Tech Gadgets We'll Be Using in 2018

3 Awesome Tech Gadgets We'll Be Using in 2018
CUBIIO Engraver review by Atellani

From old hobbies such as droning and engraving to a new 360-degree experience. Here are the latest gadgets we like right now.



A super light configuration kit for the DJI Spark

If you are into aerial photography you may know how popular drones became in the past few years. You may also be familiar with how their terms of use may change from country to country. DXDrone is an Italian company you might be interested in. Recently, they released a cool new setup for DJI drones. It drastically reduces weight while respecting the limits imposed by the law. We had the chance to test their super light configuration kit for the DJI Spark, which now weighs under 300 gr. Almost unbelievable, right!? We climbed up to the rooftop of the Park Hyatt Hotel to shoot this amazing Milan skyline the other day. Take a look at this aerial view:


Aerial View From Milano by Atellani


Quick precision engraving with CUBIIO

It's not new news that we are very fond of engravers. Our first successful Kickstarter campaign was FEBO the Solar Engraver, and one we're very proud of! When we got back from the Christmas holidays we found a box waiting for us at the studio: it was CUBIIO, the portable laser engraver that raised more than $1m on Kickstarter. The CUBIIO team did a really great job with the campaign! Furthermore, the quality of the product itself is really impressive. We had some fun in the studio engraving different images on diverse materials from paper to wood. Can you guess which famous character's portrait is engraved below? ;) — tell us your guesses on Twitter.


CUBIIO Engraver review by Atellani

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MATTERPORT takes indoor photography to a whole new dimension

Imagine a world without boundaries. A world where you don’t need an ID or any kind of authorization to go where you want. With MATTERPORT technology we are going towards making this wish come true! It’s a powerful tool that collects accurate visual and spatial data to map areas. And it’s quite easy to use. Now you can have a 3D virtual tour at our studio in Milan, but please don’t mind the mess!


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