4 photographic exhibitions in Milan you should definitely not miss

4 photographic exhibitions in Milan you should definitely not miss
Photographic exhibition in Palazzo Reale di Milano

If you are in Milan these days and you are a photographer or just passionate about photography, there is a place worth passing by with awesome exhibitions you have no excuse to miss. The charming rooms of Palazzo Reale di Milano are not only a historic pearl in the center of Milan, but are also hosting four interesting (and free - yes!) temporary exhibitions. Of course we went there to check them out and now we’re going to tell you everything about our experience.


#PlacesthatMatter - I luoghi contano. E raccontano

In English: Places count. And tell. This is one of the first exhibitions on our list to visit. This photographic review was born from the desire of Whirlpool (yes, the brand of washing machines - precisely) to show the places and people who have contributed to the brand's development from the beginning to date. The photographs have a very solid documentary cut and are accompanied by texts that exalt the story of the company. Faces, hands, details of materials and landscapes are the elements that build this exhibition, all developed horizontally (!). P.S. Make sure to appreciate the sets with three landscape photos, they are really beautiful!


Photographic exhibition in Palazzo Reale di Milano
Photographic exhibition in Palazzo Reale di Milano


Topography of the ruins. Prague 1945

The second is a Josef Sudek's exhibition which tells the story, through his black and white photographs, of the consequences of the war in the Czech capital. Forty detailed pictures testify the destruction of those days with a poetic look. They uncommonly leave, however, space for the hope that emerges from the numerous light beams that come out from the rubble immortalized by the photographer’s lense. They can be seen throughout a good amount of the photos from this collection. A good mix of documentation and artistic research for those who use photography from this era as a source of inspiration for their own work.


La Primavera di Praga 1968 - 1969

"The photographers [...] understood that they could do the only thing that could still be done to do: preserve the image of violence for a distant future". A phrase from Kundera printed on a wall in one of the rooms brings us back to the Czech capital. This collective exhibition collects an accurate selection of dedicated shots to the occupation of the Soviet block. Part of the exhibition is dedicated to the funeral of student Jan Palach who burnt himself in protest. It shows a river of people united for the liberation of the country. The looks and gestures, together with the total absence of color allow us to immediately enter into a deep atmosphere, a mix of anger and pain.


Photographic exhibition in Palazzo Reale di Milano, milan kundera quotes, kundera quotes


In full light. Nine photographers interpret the Vatican Museums

That’s where our visit ends. The photographers Bill Armstrong, Peter Bialobrzeski, Antonio Biasiucci, Alain Fleischer, Francesco Jodice, Mimmo Jodice, Rinko Kawauchi, Martin Parr and Massimo Siragusa were asked to interpret the uniqueness of the Vatican Museums. Their different looks and styles offer broad interpretations of the same space. What unites them is their original approach, which makes this show a true little gem.



In short, dedicating an hour and a half to these four exhibitions will do you and your eyes a huge favor. Soon we will visit the Triennale di Milano in search of new inspiration since there are a lot of new exhibitions going on right now. Make sure to keep following us for more finds on Design, Art, Photography and more! Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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