5 Reasons Why You Should Give Crowdfunding a Try

5 Reasons Why You Should Give Crowdfunding a Try
5 reasons why you should give crowdfunding a try

Have you ever backed a crowdfunding project? Are you interested in becoming a part of the community but don't know where to start or don’t feel comfortable about what your obligations will be? If you have never backed a project, this is a quick guide explaining why you should consider to starting it right away. If you are already a crowdfunding backer, these are some reasons why you should keep backing more and more projects this year.

1. Take part in something you believe in, it’s going to benefit you and other people

This is one of the main reasons why taking part of the Kickstarter community is an amazing thing: it's not about making a donation. The money you invest in an idea comes back to you as a reward. That reward can vary from a book, game, gadget or an awesome product. Rewards can even be an event or you can support a political movement. You could support virtually anything. But not just you: you support all the other people that came together to make it happen. It's a common good that would not take place if it wasn't for the help and support of each backer. That's the fun of Kickstarter: taking part of the process and seeing the results materialize over time.


5 reasons why you should give crowdfunding a try


2. You get to look behind the curtain

Who’s not interested in how things are done? What's behind the design and development of things we use daily? Thanks to crowdfunding, you get a free ticket to see behind the scenes of a project you support. Not only is this fun and exciting, but it's also rewarding to be able to help in some way, to give your contribution to the backstage work. Have your opinion heard and considered in the project's process.


3. Gain pre-retail access to discounted prices and limited availability

Backing a project, especially its early stages, gives you the opportunity to have the product for a lower price than the one planned for retail. You will also be able to access a product before it is available for release. Who doesn't love to be the first one to get their hands on something awesome that no one else in the world has? To take part in a crowdfunding campaign is a chance to access a reward that is probably limited in its availability. Not all products that come to life thanks to crowdfunding campaigns are available after the campaign itself. So backing up a project means that you will get access to "an exclusive club".


5 reasons why you should give crowdfunding a try


4. An all-or-nothing chance

Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing experience. Creators will have access to the budget they hoped for only if the project reaches its initial funding goal. This way, you won't need to worry about losing money if campaign is not fully funded — no one will be charged. According to Kickstarter itself, all-or-nothing funding is a core part of their modus operandi and has a number of advantages:

"It's less risk for everyone. If a project doesn’t reach its funding goal, creators will not be expected to complete their project without the funds necessary to do so, and backers will not be charged. It motivates. Adding a sense of urgency motivates your community to spread the word and rally behind your project. It works. Of the projects that have reached 60% of their funding goal, 98% were successfully funded. We find that projects either realize and surpass their goal, or they never fully take off."


5. Crowdfunding is an opportunity to make a good investment

Almost every campaign has an "early bird" pledge. What does it mean? It means that the creators are giving a special discount to the first people that support their idea. It's a way to say thank you for believing in me before anyone else did. Not only is this a nice gesture, but also this way you get the chance to save up to even 50% off the final price of the product. Saving this much means you are making a really good investment.


So now that you know all about it, when will you make your next pledge? Head over to our Twitter account and tell us about the last project you backed or would like to back. What do you like the most about it?

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