All Roads Lead to Rome (and Sometimes to Inspiring Ideas)

All Roads Lead to Rome (and Sometimes to Inspiring Ideas)
Colosseo, Rome

A two-day journey in the capital

Rome is well-known to be an open air museum for the Occidental civilization and its culture. It is practically impossible to see everything there is to see in this famous capital of Italy. You will need more than a couple of days to achieve that. If you talk to Romans, for some of them not even a lifetime is enough.

We already knew some of the ancient jewels from previous journeys in this amazing city, so we were willing to focus on something new. Last week we went on a quest to find the new inventions this amazing place has to offer.


Fontana di Trevi, Rome, Italy


Rome is not only about the past

Have you ever heard about Tor Sapienza? For those left in the dark, Tor Sapienza is the eighth urban zone of Rome. It is known because of the University and the Technical Schools located there. One in particular is "Istituto Tecnico Industriale di Stato Giovanni XXIII”, which is a public school with an intense craft, commercial and industrial activity.

The Institute was founded in 1960 and operates with students from different districts of the south-east area of the city. It offers course material in Chemistry, Materials and Biotechnology (which are our faves as you probably know!), Administration of Finance and Marketing, Applied Sciences, Electronics and Electrotechnics. 


Rome is not only about the past


Overtime the Institute built a broad network of professionals and researchers working in different fields of innovation that welcomed us into their labs. We were invited to discover some of the projects they are working on, but they are strictly top secret.

We have already experienced collaborations with students and their ideas. Do you remember FEBO the solar engraver? It was such a success not only in terms of a successfully funded campaign (actually one of our first campaigns) but also as a good example of joining forces as a collaborative team of designers, students and traditional Italian manufacturers. 

As we all know, Rome wasn’t built in a day and there’s a lot of work to do, but we are keen to collaborate with them in the near future. Who knows what awesome product will come out of it?

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