ATELLANI ON SITE, our new Youtube series on creativity & technology

ATELLANI ON SITE, our new Youtube series on creativity & technology
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Life can be pretty fast-paced. Especially if you work at a place like Atellani where thousands of things can happen in one morning. But we don’t complain! We actually love what we do and we know that sometimes some of you ask us what are our whereabouts. Well, we decided to take you with us on our field trips from now on. ATELLANI ON SITE is a Youtube series where we go hunting for amazing places and top-notch factories where traditional processes meet the latest technologies and materials.

On our first episode we took you with us when we paid a visit to one of the most advanced 3D printing factory in the north of Italy to discover what's next in the 3D technology for product design. Lets just say there is a lot of Prototypes, material and processing, not to mention much much more.



Do you remember when we where invited by Zaha Hadid Architects inside their new skyscraper in Milan? Well, we certainly do! Today we just published our second episode of the series where we sneak you in with us to visit the Generali Tower. Try to hold your breath inside this new breathtaking building, a new entry for Milan’s skyline.



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