Behind the scenes of assembling the Brid Air Purifier

Brid Air Purifier warehouse assembly, Atellani

Design can definitely be the time where you have the most fun while creating a product. But sometimes we sit behind our computer screens for so long we don’t even realize the hours passing by. There are certainly other crucial parts not to take for granted that can be surprisingly fun as well. Going to the warehouse and manually working on a product you created yourself can be a breath of fresh air and a welcome change of scenery from our daily schedule.

We know for some it can be hard to imagine what’s behind making a product from zero and what it takes to make it. Spoiler: a lot of effort, strong will and keen organizational skills. In this case, "first times” are always the most exciting and, surprisingly, they help us prepare for the future. A good example is our past experience working on FEBO. Despite its huge success and the enormous amount of FEBOs that have been sold up until today, we didn’t actually have the need of a big warehouse. We still keep all of FEBO’s parts in our studio and assemble them in house.


Brid Air Purifier warehouse assembly, Atellani
Brid Air Purifier warehouse assembly, Atellani


With BRID we knew from the beginning it was going to be quite a different story. The product itself, its elements and production process demand more people and more space. Furthermore, quality control is an obvious priority for us as we knew we would also need a space to rigorously test each component before shipping. That’s why we decided to move the assembly to a warehouse on the outskirts of Milan, where we could easily manage the whole process without creating an even bigger mess than the one that already floods our studio on a daily basis!

Thanks to our Design & Production Advisor Antonio Cascini (who previously collaborated with big players such as Technogym, Suomy and Yamaha MotoGP, just to name a few) who has been instrumental in helping us improve BRID in all its many aspects, we were able to organize the production steps by optimizing the assemblage and space. We are really happy with the results achieved so far, our team has been so productive! That’s the best part of being a small team: we keep things simple and all of us get a chance to be an active and important part on each of our projects.


Brid Air Purifier warehouse assembly, Atellani
Brid Air Purifier warehouse assembly, Atellani


Since we began this journey towards bringing BRID to life, we have always taken you with us each step of the way. Now it couldn't be different. Today, in our new episode of Atellani On Site we will take you inside BRID’s warehouse to take a look behind the curtain. Gaia will lead you through the BRID assembly from start to finish. So sit back and enjoy a closer look at the production process:



PS.: Check out some feedback we have received so far from our backers who have already received their BRID air purifier. We feel like the proud parents of a truly innovative and game changing air purifying system.


"Just received my BRID a day before my birthday, what a great surprise. It works as well as it looks!
"I ordered the standard Brid and received it about a week ago. Works great. Air is cleaner. Love it."
"Loving my Brid... Random side impact of having one in my bedroom is I've stopped snoring... my partner is very happy."

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