BRID Air Purifier Brings Fresh Air and Innovation to Air Purifying

BRID Air Purifier Brings Fresh Air and Innovation to Air Purifying
BRID Air Purifier Brings Fresh Air and Innovation to Air Purifying

Believe it or not, indoor air can be just as polluted as outdoor air, if not more. But with BRID, that's a thing of the past! Introducing BRID: the most advanced air-purifier to date. It’s exclusive patented filter and state-of-the-art technology has finally brought the world of out-dated air-purifiers to the 21st century. 

BRID’s hyper efficient technology is just one of the reasons it stands out from the rest. Its ability to properly clean the air, break down carbon monoxide, bacteria, viruses and odors, while not creating a sterile environment was always a fundamental part of its design. BRID cleans air the right way, leaving refreshingly clean air that doesn’t harm the environment or your body. 

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The exclusive patented filter makes replacement filters a thing of the past. Its ingenious design uses century old ceramic techniques that actually irreversibly trap pollutants. But that’s just part of it. BRID’s ceramic filter has the easiest cleaning process: just place it under running tap water and let it dry, and just like that, it’s as good as new. 

After endless strenuous tests, the results are in: BRID is the first photocatalytic air-purifier that doesn’t produce any ozone! This truly revolutionary design and implementation of technology has created an air-purifier that just cleans air, nothing more, nothing less. So now you can rest assured that at home or in the office you’re breathing clean air and keeping the overall environment healthy too! 

BRID doesn’t just do it’s job, it looks good doing it too! Its incredibly sleek design helps it blend in or stand out as much as you like. Have a larger space? Not a problem, its modular design lets you pick choose and right setup for you, by adding one or two modules it cleans the air at an exponentially faster rate. Don’t worry about stressful assembly and cleaning either, there are no tools required so it’ll only take seconds until your BRID is up and running and cleaning your air again!

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