From Photography to Design, a Journey from Ghirri to Borsani

From Photography to Design, a Journey from Ghirri to Borsani
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Here we are with yet another opportunity for those who find themselves in Milan around this time of the year: The Triennale di Milano always offers big surprises. The work, care and effort that lies behind every exhibition they promote contribute to improving the atmosphere surrounding the artworks, and help bring out the artists' personalities in the pieces on display. So, after being to 4 exhibitions in Palazzo Reale di Milano, now it is time to explore the Milanese Mecca of design.

There are obviously works of design on exhibit but there is also a large array of photography this time around, so if there are any aspiring designers or photographers out there this review is perfect for you. If you intend on visiting; the tickets are sold at the entrance of the museum and for 12€ you can buy a full access pass, which allows you to visit all that the exhibition has to offer.


Ghirri, Sabbadini & 9 under 35 photographers on display

Promoted by MiBACT, the Museum of Contemporary Photography (MUFOCO) presents the exhibition titled: “Inhabitants” or “Abitanti” in Italian. Seven fresh and innovative perspectives with the objective of documenting the interaction between spaces and their inhabitants, with particular attention to new shared living models. Dario Bosio, Saverio Cantoni, Viola Castellano, Francesca Cirilli, Rachele Maistrello, Tommaso Mori, Flavio Moriniello, Marco Passaro and Gloria Guglielmo: these are the names of the under 35 year old artists in this exhibition, who all bring very different work ethics to the table. From blueprints to the use of vocal recognition systems, the techniques present create untapped dimensions of art. It’s an exhibition which simply can’t be missed!

Luigi Ghirri. The Landscape of Architecture presents the Italian photographer in a new light. It’s a magnificent exposition on white scaffolding which accurately shows the rapport between Ghirri and the revision of international architecture. At the same time in a side-corridor just like being in front of a slide-projector, a series of photos alternate, divided into sections. It was like a journey through time which connects the past to the present, incorporating modernity and antiquity into one exhibition.

“Your choices should mirror your hopes and not your fears” this is the title of the exhibition dedicated to Micol Sabbadini. Candid shots on a polaroid reveal months of protests against American xenophobic politics. Using tenderness and spontaneity the photographer demonstrates the face of the civil rights movement born in the last months of 2016 and the first months of 2017. “The joyous climate really impacted me, it was centered on renewal” remarked the photographer. It was an open invite, a bridge for new answers to old questions.


Triennale di Milano, Design, Luigi Ghirri, Micol Sabbadini, MiBACT, Atellani © Gianluca di Ioia
Triennale di Milano, Design, Luigi Ghirri, Micol Sabbadini, MiBACT, Atellani © Triennale di Milano


Triennale 11th edition and the work of Osvaldo Borsani

There are 180 pieces, they are symbols of the 1900’s used to tell the story of Italian design. It’s the 11th edition of the Triennale Design Museum which transports us to a unique place in which we find ourselves immersed in a climate of innovation, beauty and courageous experimentation. The design pieces demonstrated are divided into five themes: politics, geography, economics, technology and communication. The first part of the exposition is dedicated to “Pay per Design. The Market of Contemporary Times” in which the experimentation on the method of purchase, finance and personalization of projects is exhibited. Twenty purchasable products in particular were conceived and are on sale until the 20th of January 2019 via the e-commerce company. All products can be purchased directly at the exhibition; when design encounters innovation something magnificent normally blossoms. The exit of the exhibition leaves us with an open space for interpretation via a wall on which visitors are requested to leave a drawing or word which represents their view on design. It was an exhibition that should not be missed by any designers in need off inspiration!

To conclude, a contemplation on the work of Osvaldo Borsani, one of the first people to experiment with the fusion between the artisanal and industrial styles. The architect, designer, entrepreneur and above all artist was the founder of the Techno movement and is represented by over 300 art pieces. They are a mix between unique works and industrial products that allow us to discover the personality that knew how to take advantage of the historical period he was in thanks to the economic boom and technological progress of the times, relying on his sense of aesthetics.


Triennale di Milano, Design, Luigi Ghirri, Micol Sabbadini, MiBACT, Atellani

© Triennale di Milano


The Triennale created an atmosphere where we left these exhibitions feeling more enriched and intrepid than before. If you haven’t visited yet, what are you waiting for? Click here to find information on tickets and opening times in order to make the most out of your visit.

In the next few days we will be releasing our thoughts on the World Press Photo Award exhibition, held in the Carla Sozzani Gallery. Don’t forget to keep following us so you don’t miss our next article!

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