#Fuorisalone2018: A Complete Guide to Brera Design Week & More

#Fuorisalone2018: A Complete Guide to Brera Design Week & More
Atellani Guide to Fuorisalone 2018, brera fuorisalone

Every designer with some experience in the Milano Design Week knows that Brera Design Week for the Fuorisalone is totally a must. Even though there are milions of events going on from dusk to dawn everywhere in the city, a stroll around districts such as Brera, Sant'Ambrogio, Triennale di Milano and Università degli Studi di Milano are really worth your time. To help you save time, we selected our most awaited installations so you know exactly where you need to go and what you need to see. Ready?


Atellani Guide to Fuorisalone 2018

Disco Gufram

Atellani Guide to Fuorisalone 2018

100 x 100 Achille


1. Disco Gufram by Atelier Biagetti

This year, Italian brand Gufram is going to present its new collection in a disco themed party space. The new Disco Gufram collection includes upholstered seating inspired by Gufram's upholstered "disco seats" from the 1970s, a series of rugs with patterns that draw upon the geometry of dance floors, and a series of coffee tables and cabinets that feature warped disco balls.


Where? Mediateca Santa Teresa, Via della Moscova 28



2. Tom Tailor Home Collection

The brand opens the back of an old American pick up truck to show its new collection of furniture, rugs, decorative cushions and its home linen line. Tom Tailor is as colorful as life and SAY YES leaves the mark of a positive attitude. So SAY YES to Milano!


Where? Via Solferino 18



3. Typecasting. An Assembly of Iconic, Forgotten and New Vitra Characters

A vast review of projects and products from the design studies of Vitra. Visitors are invited to emerge themselves in the companies past, present and future history. The Swiss interior design company/studio considers this project a cultural-commercial installation.

Where? La Pelota, Via Palermo 10



4. Hemma, Stories of home

Someone just left the room. There is still a spot of coffee left on the tablecloth that has not yet dried. The bed is still warm. There are traces of lipstick on a glass of Whiskey. Fragments of everyday that tell the story of a life and welcomes visitors on the interior scenes of peoples most personal moments inside a Swedish home. Interpreted by the Swedish design contemporary there will be Joyn Studio (Lisa Grape, Helena Eliason, and Ida Wanler) a small interior design studio with big ambition: to put people in a good mood.


Where? Via Balzan 4



Atellani Guide to Fuorisalone 2018

Rossana Orlandi

Atellani Guide to Fuorisalone 2018

Panasonic "Transition"


5. INTERNI presents smarTown

The installation created by Mario Cucinella Architects and SOS-school of Sustainability together with Eni gas and electricity, transforms the Botanical garden into a green city where the visitors are encouraged to emerge themselves in an interactive and poetic Urban smart grid, INTERNI presents SmarTown.


Where? This installation is part of the event HOUSE IN MOTION (16th-18th of April) sponsored by the magazine INTERNI at the l’Università degli Studi di Milano, l’Orto Botanico di Brera, L’Audi City Lab (Corso Venezia 11)



6. HAY x Sonos x WeWork

HAY, Sonos and WeWork have come together for the 2018 Milan Design Week to present a shared vision for the future of design, collaboration and living spaces. Driven by innovation, passion and the unlimited possibilities that evolve from the desire to create better experiences for everyday life. They have created an entire universe that will explore the best in design, sound, living and work spaces.


Where? Palazzo Clerici, Via Clerici 5



7. Asian Design Pavilion

And Finally big news is coming with the sensational debut of this years Fuorisalone: For the first time Milano will host a project that will allow you to get to know the World of Asian design with the Asian Design Pavilion organized in partnership with Sarpi Bridge Oriental Design Week, Milano space Makers and italyshenzen.com


Where? Megawatt Court, Via Watt 15



8. MT Sprouts in Milano

With the arrival of Spring the ribbon mt masking tape starts to sprout in Milano. The adhesive ribbon is not a normal washi ribbon, thanks to it’s high quality design, mt allwos you to unleash your creative talents. The ultimate creations of Kamoi- it was designed and created to allow you to decorate rooms, furniture and windows. Easy to apply, cut and remove, it’s a perfect tool for temporary installations and allows you to uniquely decorate your space. Our adhesive ribbon knows no limits, loved by people all over the world, it’s popularity is growing year by year.


Where? Spazio Brera, Via Ciovasso 17



Atellani Guide to Fuorisalone 2018

Typecasting by VITRA

Atellani Guide to Fuorisalone 2018

MT sprouts in Milano


8. Spazio Rossana Orlandi

Rossana Orlandi is a design icon for the city of Milan and owns a beautiful gallery / shop where you can find beautiful design pieces curated by herself. Every year, for the Fuorisalone, visitors are invited to come and see the new designers she is presenting.


Where? Via Bandello 14



9. 100x100 Achille Castiglioni

2018 is the year in which Achille Castiglioni, a well-known Milanese architect and designer, would have turned 100. The Foundation pays tribute to him with the special "100 × 100 Achille" exhibition. Some of the most important designers in the world were invited to a big party and they were asked to choose a gift for Achille, which they sent together with a personalized greeting card.


Where? Fondazione Achille Castiglioni, Piazza Castello 27



10. Fondazione Franco Albini

In close collaboration with Zona Sant Ambrogio, the Foundation opens the doors of its historic studio to welcome, inform and train. It welcomes visitors by offering free visits every day from 9.00 to 18.00 and proposes 4 new guided tours: The continuity of a method, The design by Franco Albini and Franca Helg, The exhibits by Franco Albini and Tour for children.


Where? Via Telesio 13


12. Make sure not to miss:

— Panasonic “Transition” at Pinacoteca di Brera, Via Brera 28
— Brera Design Apartment, Via Palermo 1
— Casa Corriere at Sala Buzzati, Via San Marco 3
— Sergio Rodriguez Forever, Via Maroncelli 12


So, do any of these exhibitions or installations interest you? Which ones will you be visiting this year? Tell us your thoughts on Twitter. For more info, click here.

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