#Fuorisalone2018: A Complete Guide to Tortona Design Week

#Fuorisalone2018: A Complete Guide to Tortona Design Week
Atellani Guide to Fuorisalone 2018

This year, we want to give you a complete guide to all the best events and districts of Fuorisalone 2018. Today we will start with Tortona. Opificio31, Base Milano, Milano Space Makers, SuperStudio and Via Savona are some important locations of Tortona, one of the main districts of Fuorisalone, the alternative part of Salone del Mobile. In this area of the city you will be able to see the works of Norwegian Presence, Tortona Rocks, ContainerWerk, Archiproducts, Nonostantemarras, UPuglia, Moooi and many other designers. Here's a selection of things you shouldn't miss in this district:



 Fuorisalone 2018

White Totem - Fashion the Art Design

Fuorisalone 2018

Nendo: forms of movement


1. Kawai “Crystal Rain”

This year, Takahiro Matsuo is the light designer behind the presentation of the new Crystal Grand Piano from Kawai. A piano that floats on the swaying water under a shower of light, as you can see in the main image of this post.

Where? SuperStudio Più, Via Tortona 27


2. White Totem - Fashion the Art Design

A project by Flavio Lucchini, resident artist and author of all the works in the Superstudio garden, studies a site-specific installation every year. This year he presents great sculptures to pay tribute to fashion.

Where? Superstudio Garden, Via Tortona 27


3. Nendo: forms of movement

An exhibition proposed by the award-winning and always highly anticipated Japanese studio Nendo. Icon of contemporary design, Nendo will lead the viewer through a mysterious labyrinth. 10 concepts based on the idea of movement. 

Where? Superstudio Art Point, Via Tortona 27


Atellani Guide to Fuorisalone 2018

Sony Design Hidden Senses

Fuorisalone 2018

Miele Creating New Dimensions


4. Sony Design Hidden Senses

"How can we create ideal interactions in a world where technology increasingly blends with everyday life?", The exhibition Hidden Senses is Sony's answer to this question, which emphasizes the importance of technological evolution for comfort and that invites us, therefore, to rediscover the feelings that lie behind daily activities.

Where? Spazio Zegna, Via Savona 56/A



5. Miele Creating New Dimensions

An amazing exhibition combining light and sound to give visitors a spectacular 360 ° experience. The multimedia installation explores the art of modern cuisine that impressively combines technology and creativity.

Where? Padiglione Visconti, Via Tortona 58



So, do any of these exhibitions or installations interest you? Which ones will you be visiting this year? Tell us your thoughts on Twitter. For more info, click here.


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