#Fuorisalone2018: Off the Beaten Path, Into Isola, NoLo, 5Vie & More

#Fuorisalone2018: Off the Beaten Path, Into Isola, NoLo, 5Vie & More
Atellani Guide to Fuorisalone 2018, beaten path, nolo, isola, cinque vie

If you read our previous articles, you got access to our guides which inform you about the most famous districts of Fuorisalone such as Brera Design Week, Tortona and Porta Venezia. Now it's time to talk about the alternative path of Fuorisalone, with great exhibitions that only a true insider normally has access to.


5VIE Art+Design

1. Design Pride

Organized by Stefano Seletti and Paride Vitale, Design Pride is a colorful caravan of Carnival floats, students and designers parade across the Center of Milano in the climax of a musical party. Its last stop, as tradition would have it, is in Piazza degli Affari during the “notte bianca” (a night without sleep) in that district on April 18th (8.00-24.00)

2. Palazzo Litta

The Litta Variations/4th movement is a project curated by the magazine DAMN° and MoscaPartners. It gathers young talents, companies and institutions all together in one big exhibition at Palazzo Litta.

Where? Corso Magenta 24

3. Living Nature

Carlo Ratti Associate’s ‘Living Nature’ is a project featuring the main venue in the city, the Duomo (Milan's cathedral) as a garden pavilion that allows all four seasons to coexist under the same roof. The 500 square-meter temporary installation (see this post's cover image) uses leading energy management systems, such as photovoltaic cells, accumulators and heat pumps, to allow spring, summer, autumn and winter to happen all at the same time. It will be open for visits from April 17th to 29th (10.00-22.00)

Where? Piazza Duomo, Milano


Atellani Guide to Fuorisalone 2018

Design Pride by Seletti

Atellani Guide to Fuorisalone 2018

Jessica Walsh for Lexus Awards

4. Vegan Design-Or the Art of Reduction

"Is it possible to create a design without using any animal based products or materials?"  Vegan Design-Or the Art of Reduction, an exhibition by the Israeli born designer Erez Nevi Pana answers this question for us. He offers his perspective on “Ethical Design” with a collection of objects made from the recycling of mineral material. Interesting, no? 

Where? Spazio Sanremo, Via Zecca Vecchia 3

5. Il Tempietto nel Bosco

For the First time at Milano Design Week Asif Khan exhibits his Il tempietto nel Bosco (temple in the forest), an open air sky high cathedral inspired by the architecture of the Renaissance at Cortile d’Onore.

Where? Università Statale di Milano, Via Festa del Perdono 7

6. Lexus Design Award 2018

Lexus invites the public to explore Limitless Co-Existence, a luminous installation of the architect, Sota Ichikawa (doubleNegatives Architecture Studio) that combines digital and analog content, accompanied by the works of the 12th Lexus Design Award 2018 finalists with the likes of International designers such as Jessica Walsh from the notorious Sagmeister&Walsh studio.

Where? Cavallerizze del Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia, Via San Vittore 21


Porta Romana

1. Marni La Vereda

An evocative voyage through the colors and sensations of Colombia, in order to discover artisan traditions that should be preserved, to which the Italian fashion brand brings an innovative approach.

Where? Viale Umbria 42

2. Prada's OMA Tower

Milan’s Fondazione Prada will open its OMA-designed tower on April 20th, housing the institution’s permanent collection. The tower is one of three new buildings that distinguishes Fondazione Prada‘s architectural complex. It includes nine floors, six of which will dedicate 2,000 square meters to exhibitions. The rest will offer a variety of different services to visitors including a restaurant, marking the completion of the site which was inaugurated in 2015.

Where? Largo Isarco 2

Atellani Guide to Fuorisalone 2018

Tempietto nel Bosco

Atellani Guide to Fuorisalone 2018

Prada's OMA Tower

New Districts Off the Beaten Path

1. Ventura Projects, Ventura Future and NoLo

Say hello to these new districts. Some are here for the first time, some we already had the pleasure of visiting last year (they gave us some pretty high expectations!). There are amazing spaces we'll be willing to visit like Loft, ex Magazzini Raccordati, Alcova and FutureDome.

More info on: nolocreativedistrict.net & venturaprojects.com

2. Isola Design District

Presenting its secondo edition, if you happen to be in Isola district, make sure to make a pitstop at Stecca 3.0 (via De Castilla 26) for Latino American Contemporary Design,  collective exhibit of South American Designers from Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico. There will also be Milan Design Market at Studio Fotografico Gianni Rizzotti at via Pastrengo 14. Caracol Studio, part of the district since 2017, will present 3D Printed Playground, a playground for kids made 100% of recycled materials, printed with a 3D robot arm. At Spazio Maraniello (viale Stelvio 66) will debut Brut, a group of six emerging designers from Belgium presenting an installation entirely maybe of carbon.

More info on: isoladesigndistrict.com

3. Lambrate Design District

Even though Lambrate is not a part of Ventura anymore, it doesn't mean the district is dead yet. This year, the Lambrate Design District will hold many designers and exhibitions in the station area and its surroundings, like Osteria Milano, Scuola Mohole, FuoriSalmone and more.

More info on: lambratedesigndistrict.com

Atellani Guide to Fuorisalone 2018

NoLo: Nord Loreto Design District

Atellani Guide to Fuorisalone 2018

Isola Design District

So, do any of these exhibitions or installations interest you? Which ones will you be visiting this year?
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