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Awesome design is our biggest passion and also our biggest challenge. Many may believe that designing a product is an easy task, but there's a lot of hard work to it. It's not only about finding the idea, which sometimes can be the easiest part. Bringing an idea to life is our main motivation to do what we do, and if you’ve been around with us long enough you may know that this is not something new. Designing an outstanding product takes a lot of research and tenacity. It means studying the market sector of the future product you are developing and its users. It means understanding the strengths and shortcomings of this sector and addressing your creative effort to do something meaningful.

That's basically what happened when we decided to create Ultimadrone. After years of being passionate about drones and after our personal experiences with the DJI Inspire 2 bird (curious? Just have a look at our Youtube channel to see what kind of videos we create with it), we came across many incidents involving the product. Many users have lost their Inspire 2 to crashes that they were unable to mechanically explain. Based on our design experience, we were confident enough to finally address our creativity to solve this problem. First of all to help the drone community grow and secondly to feel safe during our own flights.


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Ultimadrone, Inspire 2 kit fix, Ultimadrone Reviews, DJI Inspire 2 issue © Instagram @cockpitmada


How to Fix DJI Inspire 2 Motor Issues with Ultimadrone

We spent weeks learning how the DJI Inspire 2 works, analyzing its structure and doing tests to find the best design solution for a safe flight. Ultimadrone was born as an easy-to-mount kit that prevents motor detachment. It also prevents the rotation of the Inspire 2 motors and adds stability to this precious bird by keeping the propellers in a synced position. Ultimadrone has a 100% original design, that totally integrates in the original design. It has completely been engineered in house and incorporates multiple solutions to a number of known issues. Needless to say that for us, Ultimadrone is a special project.

But you know what's really the best part of designing a product? Some say that it's when you finally hold it in your hands after you went through all the process to make it. We believe the maximum satisfaction is when someone else believe in our idea, buy it and test it and in the end realizes it really makes a difference to them. It’s the user experience that makes our hard work worth it and motivate us to keep going on. So today we are not here to speak about ourselves anymore, we are here to show what other people have to say about our work and what they’ve been experiencing with Ultimadrone. Thanks to everyone who believed in us!


Ultimadrone DJI Inspire 2 Kit Reviews

"I just wanted to say thank you for producing such a quality and easy to install product for security and peace of mind for the Inspire 2.”

Phil D.

"Nice work! Also received your Ultimadrone braces for my new I2. Loving them!! Extra stability. I also believe it’s securing the motors to the arms better, especially when changing from travel mode to landing mode.”

Al Diaz

"Just got mine today also. Amazing design and beautiful fit and finish. Worth every penny. Looks like it belongs there from the get go. 10 minute install and fits the OEM case with only minor modifications. Thanks Atellani!!!”

Jeff F.

"Consider me another happy customer as well. As others said the fit and finish is great and it really looks like it’s been there since it was new.”

Jeff W.


Ultimadrone, Inspire 2 kit fix, Ultimadrone Reviews, DJI Inspire 2 issue © Phil D.
Ultimadrone, Inspire 2 kit fix, Ultimadrone Reviews, DJI Inspire 2 issue © Instagram @cockpitmada


"Hi Guys, my Ultimadrone kit arrived today and I'm well pleased. It only took 10 minutes to attach everything, absolutely no modifications to the Inspire 2 required at all, everything attaches perfectly and is very well manufactured. In case you are interested, here are pictures of the kit and fitting it ... Anyway, I have great peace of mind now that the bracing kit it fitted. There is absolutely no way for a motor housing to come detached during flight, and also the bracing rods apply pre-tension to the motor housings which will eliminate any tendency for them to vibrate or come loose in the first place. The kit looks superb and if no-one knew better it looks like this is the way the Inspire 2 should have been designed in the first place. Atellani, my congratulations and thanks for doing a first class job designing and manufacturing these!”



Ultimadrone, Inspire 2 kit fix, Ultimadrone Reviews, DJI Inspire 2 issue © Instagram @copterfilm
Ultimadrone, Inspire 2 kit fix, Ultimadrone Reviews, DJI Inspire 2 issue © Dave A.


“Safety first! Good quality of packaging and all parts. Also the manual and install process is fine ;)”


"Thank you great product arrived quality is excellent and looks beautiful on inspire 2.”


"Really impressed with how easy it was and how much confidence I have in it.”

Dave A.

"Thank you for the nice quality and thought to produce a great solution.”




Ultimadrone’s kit is available for pre-order at and is shipping in the 2nd week of October (just around the corner!). If you are an Inspire 2 owner, don’t waste any more time with risky flights that can end up costing you your precious bird and a lot of money. Head over to Ultimadrone’s website and pre-order yours today!


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