How Italian shoes are made: An exclusive look inside Corsini shoes factory

How Italian shoes are made: An exclusive look inside Corsini shoes factory

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Italian leather bags and accessories for Atellani are a long-term passion. Do you remember when we created AEQUA? Some time has passed since AEQUA’s Kickstarter campaign and Italian craftsmanship just became more fascinating than ever for us. In a world where everything is automated, handmade footwear is truly distinguished by the passion and knowledge that is put into making each pair.

Have you ever wondered how bespoke Italian leather shoes are made? We've travelled to the heart of Tuscany to pay a visit to this traditional and sartorial establishment in order to see some of their best artisans at work. Meet Corsini, premium Italian shoes with a twist. Corsini shoes combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology.


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How Bespoke Italian handmade shoes are made

Corsini's factory is one of the last family owned producers of handmade shoes that still does every step of the creation process in Italy. From the first stitches to the polished finish. It’s an unmistakable cocktail of Italian design and excellence that has been passed on for three generations. We were so lucky to explore the various departments and intricacies of shoemaking. Unsurprisingly, it took countless steps to perfect a luxury handmade leather shoe!

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If you are interested in learning more about the story of Corsini and discover all products, just click here!

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