Kitchen Confidential

Kitchen Confidential

Kitchens are notoriously known for pleasant familiar smells of home-cooked meals, especially during the holidays. While the smell of cookies and cakes baking in the oven is a delicious one, anyone who prepares meals and cleans up knows all too well that there can be a downside when it comes to cooking odors and the recycle bin. The act of cooking or frying itself, and the leftovers marinating in the garbage are definitely one of the small but irritating tasks to deal with. With the holidays upon us, you might find that you’re spending more time in the kitchen while also having less time to do a thorough cleaning. The end result is a kitchen that might smell fishy and fried.

There’s nothing worse than a heavily fried smell lingering in the kitchen, clothes that are full of that odor, and not to mention the common pollutants that get dispersed into the air you breathe while cooking. We and many of our customers have had excellent results with BRID and its ability to fight off the smell of organic compounds, including cooking odors. It has been a lifesaver during the holiday party season. A BRID air purifier is an easy fix to any embarrassing odors that might be lingering in your kitchen and ulteriorly in other places in your home. It also has the benefit of supporting your family’s health. If you’re expecting guests this Christmas season, don’t forget to make sure your home smells just as pretty as it looks.


Get rid of the stubborn cooking odors and unpleasant smells of the house.

Our olfactory sense is facilitated by the nose. Our noses pick up scent molecules in the air, which the brain then identifies as “good” or “bad.” The scent molecules themselves come from the source of the aroma. Multiple molecules from different sources can also combine in the air and exacerbate the problem, which is why preparing multiple dishes for Christmas dinner might make a kitchen smellier than usual.


Unpleasant scents in the home can come from many sources. The high heat used for cooking or frying food is one of the most common ways that scent molecules get introduced into the air. Smoke is a natural by-product of roasting or frying and has its own distinct aroma. For example, frying chicken doesn’t just make the house smell like chicken but It can impart other unpleasant aromas like burnt oil or smoke as well. Many cleaning products also come with their own scents, which are chemical-based and only mask the issue rather than eliminate it. Brid can eleminiate those odors. 


Tips for getting rid of cooking smells and minimizing unwanted odors around the house

How BRID Air Purifier combats odors

A BRID purifier is an amazing device that filters foreign particles from the air, leaving it clean and scent-free. However, not every air purifier for home is capable of removing odors. Many of them are designed only to filter out large particles, such as dust or pollen, allowing gaseous elements like scents to remain in the air. BRID does BOTH!
BRID air purifier is for home and can remove all particles from the air through its pioneering L.E.A.P. technology. Each BRID purifier is an odor remover thanks to its special ceramic filter. The filter physically breaks down particles of any size, including scent molecules. It doesn’t trap them like other filters, it vaporizes them, eliminating them for good.


BRID is an efficient way to eliminate unpleasant cooking odors.






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