New Year's Resolutions (and Design Trends) For a Fresh Start!

New Year's Resolutions (and Design Trends) For a Fresh Start!
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Each year, we get overwhelmed by articles that speak about the next “design trends” to expect. The thing is: design trends are just that…. trends. Instead of hopping from trend to trend, here you can find 5 design principles to think about in the following 12 months.


1. Conversational Design: Users Are Allies, Listen to Your Customers

It sounds obvious, but we can assure it’s not: what a better way to improve your product or service than giving your customers the power to decide whether a project should come to life or not? This is the main reason why we love crowdfunding, because it means power to the people. And power to really innovative ideas.

On our latest Kickstarter campaign we wanted our backers to be part of a big design decision. Through an online poll we asked: do you rather have the CO sensor integrated in BRID’s main base or do you rather have it in a separate module? The result of the poll you can see here.


Brid Air Purifier production by Atellani


2. Optimization Can Happen At Any Stage of a Product Development

Methods to be creative and to develop a product are the first thing you learn in design school. But our experience taught us that we can always improve things. No matter which stage of the production we are in, there can always be a better way to do things.

Thanks to the help of many suppliers and backers, we were able to understand new materials to make the best version of BRID so far.


3. Seeking User Journey Simplification

How many apps out there just don’t simply do their job? We want them to keep things simple for us. The less time you spend to find what you are looking for, the better experience you have. We are working really hard on UX/UI for BRID’s App in order to simplify each step of the journey. Our users can expect to find any information they want right away



4. Tailored Experiences & Intelligent Homes

Although BRID works perfectly with just a click of a button, BRID’s app helps you make your experience much more personal. Not only can you receive live information about the air quality in your home, and a general overview of BRID’s activities, but you can also connect it with HomeKit. Good news for all the Intelligent Home lovers.


5. Videos Are Dominating The (Web) World

On the Kickstarter platform, videos are crucial. Today, video content is also the base of online marketing. And what about drones? Well, we love them! During the last year our passion has grown and now we collect a lot of beautiful films you can take a look at on our Youtube channel. Some of these videos have been featured on The National Geographic channel and in several music and ads around the world. Keep yourself posted by subscribing here.


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