Now printing the Chic!ken Photo Book, check out the backstage!

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If you’ve been around for a while with us you should know by now that our latest crowdfunding campaign was to bring the Chic!ken Collection to life. Not only were we surprised by the overwhelming success of the campaign, but we can now say that it is one of the most successful photographic books in Kickstarter history. A stunning and surprising project with top quality pictures of the most beautiful chickens on the Planet.

Last week we went all the way from Milan to Padua, in the northeast of Italy to cut the yellow ribbon and launch the production of the book, one of the many products of the campaign. Can you imagine how excited we were when we finally saw the first print proofs? Well, of course we didn't miss the chance and brought our camera with us so we could shoot another Atellani On Site episode. Here's a video with some backstage treats for you. Enjoy!



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