Now You Have Two More Colors of BRID Air to Choose From

Now You Have Two More Colors of BRID Air to Choose From
Two More Colors of BRID Air

In the past few weeks we have been traveling and working tirelessly to make BRID a very special product. We're now officially enrolled in Apple's MFI Program (Lots of NDAs), so Homekit is one step closer for our BRID App. There will be lots of work and studying to do, but we're happily up to the challenge. We also have an appointment scheduled with an Apple's certified supplier and they have some amazing hardware to work with, which exceeds our current needs, but also opens new possibilities.


Listen to Your Kickstarter Backers is Rewarding!

The suggestion for a 'Super Chip' came from from Backers, so thanks for awesome suggestion. As a result, BRID will have lots and lots of computing power, much more than originally expected and it's going to be, most likely, the most intelligent and effective Air Purifier of its kind. Sure, the project going to be a bit more complex and expensive, but as backers grow, this can be handled, as prices go down with higher production numbers. The benefits of a truly smart purifier will be immense. Plans for added features are already being discussed and they are quite ambitious. BRID will be easily manageable and easy to evolve / upgrade. We are really trying to give you an extraordinary product in return for your support.

Everything, so far, is on schedule. We have a long list of appointments with suppliers and we'll be traveling a lot more in the coming weeks. We want to get production going before the campaign ends, so we're doing our best to be ahead of schedule. A Lot of work has already been done and as of now, there're no glitches in the whole process.


Pick Your Favorite Color of BRID

Reaching our first stretch goal is such an honor and push us forward to keep creating and experimenting. Here is how the two new unlocked colors will look like, say hello to Solid Deep Blue and Solid Pure White. If you haven't already, click here to pre-order your BRID today.

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