Say Hello to the DJI Ronin-S: Review, Features, Price & Release Date

Say Hello to the DJI Ronin-S: Review, Features, Price & Release Date
DJI Ronin-S

One of the first sentences you may read when you enter our website is "We do everything from the ground up. We take care of and oversee the entire creative process.” And we really mean it. It may sound strange for some, but photoshoots are actually a big part of our job once we finish designing a product. Photography dictates the feels and visuals of our Kickstarter campaigns, that’s why it's very important for us, it’s a huge part of our process. We produce our photography and filmography in house, for our blogs, campaigns and websites, that’s why we demand the best equipment on the market.

In order to provide our audience with clean, professionally executed shots we only use the very best in camera stabilization technology. In light of this statement, as huge DJI fans, we are happy to announce that we have the extremely sought after (and slightly elusive) DJI Ronin-S. It was delivered to the Atellani offices last week and we are quite excited to be some of the first people in the world to own it. Designed in a single-handed form factor for DSLR and mirrorless cameras, the Ronin-S empowers video creators to shoot with the freedom of stabilized shots on the move.

Naturally, (because how could we possibly resist) we want to give you the low-down on this new product and keep you “in the know” about its specs and features. Being proud owners of the formidable DJI Ronin-MX, we decided to pit the new Ronin-S against its older brother. Well what are we waiting for, let’s get right into our Ronin-S review. The new DJI Ronin-S's main features are:


DJI Ronin-S top
DJI Ronin-S features
DJI Ronin-S stick


The Ronin-S is Pretty Compact!

One of the more obvious features about the Ronin-S is its size. Roughly twice as large as the DJI Osmo, but drastically smaller than the Ronin-MX, it has the perfect size and weight to sustain a DSLR or mirrorless camera which can weigh up to 3.6 kg, while still being easily transportable and ergonomic.


A Camera Stabilizer with Self Realignment

The Ronin-S has the ability to automatically realign depending on the weight and effect of the camera on the gimbal. This feature already existed with the Ronin-MX, but could only be done manually via the DJI application. Now the Ronin-S does the camera realignment process for you.


The Ronin-S Has An Adaptive Detachable Handle

One of the most interesting features of the DJI Ronin-S is the new gimbal that has a detachable handle. This new feature allows users to attach the stabilizer to virtually anything, from cars to helicopters if someone wanted. It also makes transport and storage much easier. The Ronin-MX can be fixed to moving vehicles and objects but the fact remains the hassle needed to do so is extremely inconvenient whereas with the Ronin-S you can expect easy removal and trans fixation.


Ronin-S Speed: Fast Like a Cheetah!

The Ronin-S has a maximum speed of roughly 73 km per hour. considering the kind of weight it can hold (up to 3.6 kg) and its relatively small size, it’s an extremely impressive number. Quite literally almost as fast as a Cheetah.


A Variety of Automatic Sequences.

The Ronin-S has pre-set automatic sequences that allow the user to sit back and relax, knowing the S has got you covered. The options range from panorama and time-lapse shots to tracking shots. You can also change the speed and settings for the shots and then save them to use later on, if you like the particular effect. All this can be done on the Ronin-MX but it's all manual, making the S the more comfortable choice.


DJI Ronin-S Review, Features, Price and Release Date


So, what do you think so far? We’re pretty stoked to put out some new videos using our Ronin-S. Furthermore, DJI has made provisions for users to accessorize on the new Ronin-S using special mounts. This gives users the ability to add anything from microphones to lights onto your S to maximize and improve your experience. A feature the MX lacks all-together. Need we say more? The DJI Ronin-S is already available for $699 and you can order it through the DJI store. Have you had the chance to try it out already? Share your thoughts with us on the new DJI Ronin-S in the comment section below or on our Twitter Page.

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