Testing the Best Mavic Air Features: Will It Crash?

Testing the Best Mavic Air Features: Will It Crash?
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Do you remember when we first got our hands on the new Mavic Air? We did a blog post with not only one, but TWO unboxing videos to unravel all the new features. We must say we had an awesome time unpacking it, but it doesn’t stop there. Now we are working on a series of videos using our new drone to test how far we can go with it. We don’t want to spoil all the fun, but let’s just say that in our latest video we challenge the Mavic Air abilities by trying to avoid very thick tree branches. All shot in our studio’s garden in the center of Milan. Will it pass the test? Find out by pressing play in the video below!



Do you own a Mavic Air yourself? Which kind of tests have you already done with it? Share your experiences with us on Twitter!

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