The unveiling of the Tesla Model 3 in Milan, Italy

The unveiling of the Tesla Model 3 in Milan

After years of waiting, the day has finally arrived: Tesla Model 3 hits the Italian streets. Yesterday we went to check it out at the Gae Aulenti center Tesla store in Milan. The store will be featuring the much awaited Model 3 until November 29th. Don’t miss your chance to check it out.


Tesla Model 3
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We’ve got some sneak peeks and photos from the midnight unveiling at the premiere. We definitely wouldn’t have missed this!

First of all, Tesla Model 3 is touted to be the safest car on the road. It’s very spacious with lots of leg room, especially for the backseat passenger.

Noted on our part, the digital panel is no longer integrated into the dashboard, it has a new very sleek design of its own. It leaves the entire dashboard quite minimal. We like that.


Tesla trunk
Tesla finishes
Tesla interiors


There are 3 trunks: one in the front, one in the back, and when the backseats are folded forward there’s a ton of room to haul around just about anything, as always in the back, if you lift up the panel, there's a third hidden extra compartment that comes in handy.

We could go on and on about the beauty and the convenient price point. But as an Italian design studio, it wouldn’t be normal if we didn’t have a couple of suggestions, right? These details below in our opinion could be just a bit better. Maybe we should send an e-mail to Mr. Musk?

In the year 2019, we hope to be seeing more and more of these on our streets. Let us know what you think about Tesla Model 3 in the comment section below.

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