Today is World Environment Day. Here are three short articles to help understand the pollution crisis a little bit better

Today is World Environment Day. Here are three short articles to help understand the pollution crisis a little bit better


From China to Greta Thunberg, the good news about Pure Air.

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“Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does”. Jean-Paul Sartre wrote this phrase to explain his concept of human responsibility. We live in a society where we as humans can decide to do the right thing when the time comes. If everybody would be willing to act for the common good of humanity, we could certainly change the world into a better place.

The earth has been through a lot in the last decades, but some really important changes have occured recently. Climate change, plastic pollution, deforestation, air pollution, and nuclear disasters, just to name a few. The real question is: Is it too late? Is saving the planet a lost cause? Are we actually aware of the problems at hand and are we willing to make conscious efforts to change our behaviors? Are we owning up to our responsibility when it comes to making the future a healthy and safe place to live for future generations?

The 5th of June is World Environment Day and this year it is being celebrated in China. The main theme is air pollution a huge problem that still exists in vast areas of the world and has caused massive human damage. Air pollution affects our whole body, our behavior, and our mind; if we want to live better, we must fight back against this menace and take good care of our planet. Everyone should do their part, however large or small it is, depending on their capabilities.

Greta Thunberg is a young global activist that takes the issue of Global warming to heart. In a TED talk speech Greta urges the people and governments to change their behaviors and save the planet from a climate related disaster. She started her protest, promoting Climate awareness with small demonstrations in 2018 and, in less than one year, she created a media event that convinced the EU and other nations to take the “environment problem" more seriously. Greta is only 15 years old but has already been nominated for the Nobel Prize. Greta even had a significant influence on the European elections, through her speeches and personal contributions to the event.

Another person that you have more than certainly heard of is the renowned Elon Musk, entrepreneur, SpaceX and Tesla Inc. founder. Musk is on the forefront of the fight against climate change. Musk’s projects include a philanthropically motivated Solar Roof, designed to use energy from the sun to efficiently power homes and make them self sufficient, as well as (and this needs no introduction) Tesla, the controversial and highly innovative electric car company. All his projects aim to solve global issues concerning the environment and humanity. None of his enterprises add to air pollution. Musk is working towards the development of trains that are faster than airplanes using electromagnetic propulsion. Try and imagine that we were able to travel rapidly without burning absurd amounts of fossil fuels, the world could take a deep breath and sigh with relief. Musk… is making that a reality.

Let’s return to China, where today we celebrate just how precious the air we breathe is, to pile it on, let’s pull India in as well, another country that is desperately trying to solve their detrimental air pollution problem. China and India both have issues with pollution due to overpopulation and industrial agreements. To manage the problem, both Asian countries started a reforestation project. The “Grain for Green” project started in 1999 and both countries have nurtured new-growth forests that amount to 338.000 square kilometers of greenery!

While humanity struggles for survival, hopes, both big and small, are spreading like wildfire from people who care. We as mankind are finally starting to understand that we must act or be exterminated. We’re doing our part with BRID, purifying the air quality of your home for a healthier life. Let's be responsible, If everyone does their part, our planet can breathe easy again!

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