Ultimadrone, Finally A Permanent Fix For DJI Inspire 2 Vibration Issues

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Some say necessity is the mother of invention.

You need something, you search for it. If you don’t find it, you keep looking until you find it! Go for it. That’s exactly what we did here in Atellani when we created the Ultimadrone kit.

Our passion for drones is nothing new, as you all know. We constantly ask ourselves “How can we improve something even if we already find it awesome?”. That’s what happened with the DJI Inspire 2. After hearing about dozens of cases in which it has fallen during flight, we thought: what can we do about it?

We have had this drone in our studio for a while now. You may have already seen some of the video footage on our Youtube channel was made using DJI drones. If you have any experience with it, you must admit that flight can be unstable. The main issue was due to poor cohesion between the rotors and the carbon structure. This problem has caused damage to surrounding objects, people and to the drone itself. 


Finally A Permanent Fix For DJI Inspire 2 Vibration Issues

Ultimadrone Safety Fix System is a kit we created that solves all problems related to the Inspire 2 rotor vibration issue. It prevents rotors from detaching from the craft and blocks the rotors in place during flight, preventing the craft from crashing.

Want to see the Ultimadrone in action? Press play in the video below to see for yourselves. 



Many of our friends in the DJI forums have already placed an order and are quite excited to try it out! So what do you think, are you curious now? Have you ever experienced the same issue with your Inspire 2? Or do you know someone who could benefit from this Smart Fix? Don't waste any more time putting your Inspire 2 at risk. Get your Ultimadrone today, just click here.

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