Watch ENERGY: Our Entry for Tesla’s Project Loveday

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On March 2nd 2017, 10 year old Bria Loveday sent Tesla’s Elon Musk a letter suggesting they hold a video contest. And for a couple of months on they kept collecting videos from around the world as part of the "Project Loveday" video contest. We believe in Tesla’s ideas so naturally we couldn't resist participating, check out our entry for the contest.

Energy is the Italian team's contribution to Tesla's "Project Loveday”. 100% of the footage and audio is unmistakably original, in order to fully comply with Tesla's strict submission's rules. The live action footage was shot with Arri Alexa, aerial footage was shot with a DJI Inspire 2, equipped with a Zenmuse X5S camera and audio was created and engineered specifically for the video.



Written, directed and edited by: Jansen&Rodriguez
Produced by: MRK Productions
Producer: Maurizio "Atellani" Maranghi
Executive Producer: Chiara Budri
Cinematographer: Marco KK Rossi

Cast: Adetokunbo Kevin Azez, Giulia Baccolo, Antonio Cagnozzo, Giovanni D’Affuso, Fulvio De Leo, Boni Fantini, Queren Hapuque Jr, Giulia Melis, Claudio Savina

PA: Ghila Valabrega
PA: Giulia Pacioni

Gaffer: Michele Vairo
Camera Operator: Stefano Bella, Loris Galetta
Movement and grip specialist: Stefano Ravasio, José Contena
Drone operator: Jeffrey Attoh
Location sound recordist: Luca Discenza, Massimiliano Marcon

Stylist: Claudia Mercatanti
Make up: Francesca Sicari
Set designer: Alessandra Francesca Coratella
Casting: Piersante Di Biase, Antonio Ricci

Colorist and compositing: Orash Rahnema
Sound designer: Guido Smider

Service video: MRK Productions, Overclock Squad, Video Design

Special thanks: Frank “il profeta” White, Dario Deceglie, Dario Ponzo, Nadine d’Archemont, Giulia Ratti, Andrea Fortis, Minotti Roberto, Umberto, Sample.


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