Work in progress: what’s going on at Atellani this week

Work in progress: what’s going on at Atellani this week

Here we are. As usual, we kick off another week full of ideas and with plenty of work to do. This time we thought of sharing some work in progress with you, in the form of pictures.

Last week we received a lot of new Ultimadrone orders! Here's Gaia assembling our last kits in stock. For now we are officially sold out, but if you missed the chance to order yours and didn’t make it in time, don’t worry! We are already awaiting a new batch that should be arriving in studio for assembly pretty soon.



As we already said here, video is the future (link to our blog post on design trends). That’s why we also have in store a couple of new cool videos. They are all in the making by our new entry Francesco. Can you guess which project he’s working on right now?



We’re happy to welcome Marco back, who has recently undergone knee surgery and has been at home resting for a week. He’s now back with us and in full swing working on Brid’s app. You can expect an update anytime now. By the way, to learn more about our process, check out our project page on Brid’s branding and UX design by clicking here.



Can you speak in code? Well, we do our best! Here’s a sneak peek of a new feature we will be adding to our website. We’ve been working hard on it for the last few months. Any guesses? We can’t wait to unveil it to you all, so keep your eyes peeled for more soon!


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