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Square wave is a unique piece of kinetic design inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, the basic structure that is the make up of every living thing. Just spin it to get surprised by a series of mind-bending optical illusions, and unexpected hypnotizing revolutions.

Square Wave was designed by the award winning artist Ivan Black. His work reflects a fascination and kinship with the mathematical patterns found everywhere in nature e.g. waves, leaves, shells, the human form etc. Tending towards the minimalist in design, his work reveals how order silently governs our seemingly disorderly world.
Square Wave is manufactured in Italy in a factory with a 30 years history in metal machining. Each unit is assembled by hand and tested.

Square Wave is 9,8 x 9,8 in (25x25 cm) and it's made of high quality chrome plated steel and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage (yes, you can hang it in your garden or patio).

Each Square Wave will be shipped from Italy and each shipment will be tracked and insured. You will receive and email with your tracking number as soon as your parcel leaves our warehouse.

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