Atellani is not your usual design studio.

We merge Italian inventiveness and tradition with contemporary entrepreneurship. Local craftsmanship with the newest technology. We are an offline organization with an online presence. For the past few years we scouted and selected innovative ideas, structured them and brought them to a worldwide audience. We made it possible for young creators to found startups, put on exhibitions or get interviewed on national broadcasts in front of millions of people. We do everything from the ground up. We take care of and oversee the entire creative process. From the first product idea, to the funding phases, all the way to mass production and distribution. Our mission is to arouse curiosity, encourage creativity and create value for the people who support us. We get inspired by everyday events. Every project starts with an insight, or a click, then turns out to be a challenging and winding journey. No matter how big or small, we bring awesome ideas to life.

Every project is all or nothing. Synergy is our fuel.

Crowdfunding is something we specialize in. For example, Kickstarter and Indiegogo have been some of our playgrounds for original initiatives since the beginning of fundraising times. But we are not just a crowdfunding agency.

It's all about creating and getting involved in the community. Finding things in common, sharing intent, knowledge, resources and risks are what we like the most about crowdfunding. Taking care of the people who believed in our ideas means making them our lifelong allies.

On our journey we’ve developed a unique sensitivity to understand how fundraising platforms work and we’ve always been extremely active. First of all, as Supporters and now, since 2015, as Creators. Therefore we can say that crowdfunding is how we get there, but there’s a lot more to it — and we are not alone in this.