Brid Air Purifier

The revolution of air purifying

With its exclusive multi patented version of PCO / Photocatalysis technology, BRID literally vaporize: pollutants, Carbon Monoxide, NOx, odors, formaldehyde, molds, spores, reduces bacteria and more, transforming them into harmless substances. Unlike its competitors, BRID does not generate any ozone as a byproduct and uses washable filters.








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Tackling the indoor air quality issue

For the past 3 years Atellani has been working closely with scientists and engineers from Colorobbia Consulting S.r.l. (Ce.Ri.Col.) and Evotek Engineering to design a gadget that is both appealing esthetically and effective in taking care of the indoor air quality problems. Ce.Ri.Col. is specialized in technology services and development of new materials in chemical research. For the last 13 years they have been studying solutions to effectively break down pollutants into harmless substances. Not only Carbon Monoxide molecules in the air, but also allergens, VOC, viruses, NOx and more.

We spend 90% of our day indoors, which used to be equivocated to a cleaner and more controlled environment — but that's not the case today. Believe it or not, indoor air can be FIVE times more polluted than outdoor air. Worldwide, hay fever and other common allergic reactions affect up to 30% of the population. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and World Health Organization, 20k Carbon Monoxide related accidents are registered each year only in the USA alone.

BRID Air Purifier’s exclusive patented filter and state-of-the-art technology has finally brought air-purifiers to the 21st century. Here you can find a complete guide about the health benefits of using air purifiers.


Breakthrough technology

The CHICken book was designed with the highest quality in mind. It is made of 190 pages in portrait format (300x270mm) with 85 high res photos, 3 gatefold spreads. Every image is paired with an inspiring phrase printed in fine silver Pantone that pays tribute to beauty. The hard cover is 2.4 mm - 1 in thick and is made of Curious Matter Black Truffle paper that weighs 125g. The high quality paper has a silky texture similar to fine sand and is very pleasant to the touch. The beautiful plumage of a feather is embossed on the cover and the title is printed in silver hot foil. Thanks to the offset print technique used you’ll be able to have high quality photos that are clear and precise, not dot-based like digital printing. The black pages and the dark background allow the subject to emerge like models on the runway. We opted for a quality flat-opening sewn binding to emphasize the high definition photographs. This special binding makes it possible to lay the book flat when it is opened, flush with the surface it is on, creating a pleasant coffee table book appearance. We chose certified paper, produced exclusively with cellulose fibers from sustainably managed forests. The book will be printed, bound and packaged here in Italy for optimum quality and constant control of the final product. The collection is made of Limited Edition Photographic Prints in two formats (large 800x800m and small 240x240mm); 7 different Chick Click Posters of 500x700mm; a Sexy 2019 Calendar with 13 different shots; 4 collectable journals and a pack of 8 different chicks composites.
Brid air project atellani
Brid air project atellani
Brid air project atellani


Everybody deserves
fresh air

BRID is the first photocatalytic air-purifier that doesn’t produce ozone at all and drastically reduces Formaldehyde and Carbon Monoxide. This truly revolutionary technology has created an air-purifier that effectively and thoroughly cleans the air, nothing more, nothing less. This journey has gone beyond what any of us expected and we are more than grateful for the widespread support. Thanks to 930 backers, BRID is the most successful air purifier on Kickstarter to date, raising more than $440k, over 490% of its initial goal.