Fly your smartphone with DroneMonSpy

2016 was a memorable year for Pokémon lovers. 'Pokémon Go’ was an overwhelming fever that attacked people all over the world. The most intrepid fans were looking for new ways to hunt more and more complex Pokémons, using the most curious methods. We saw many players using rudimentary and unstable techniques to set their smartphones on drones, risking to damage their equipment. That’s when we decided to work on our own solution that would allow drone owners like ourselves to synchronize their smartphones with a drone safely and thus catch Pokémons from any height.
Atellani project Dronemonspy
Atellani project Dronemonspy
Atellani project Dronemonspy


Gotta drone and catch them all!

DroneMonSpy is the first universal smartphone adaptor, designed especially for the DJI Phantom 4 drone, which lets you mount your smartphone with the Pokemon Go app launched on it. The system is designed by Atellani and made of lightweight cardboard and industrial-strength velcro. By using DroneMonSpy to safely attach your phone to a drone you can quickly and effortlessly find Pokémon and hatch eggs by simply flying around with your drone. It features two foldable openings that are strong enough to hold any smartphone under the sun and is easy to use and mount.

It works this way: launch the Pokemon Go app on your smartphone, pair it with a screen sharing software such as TeamViewer and mount it onto the drone with DroneMonSpy. Now, let the smartphone find all the Poke spots from up there as you battle them on the ground. Easy, right? With that taken care of, you’re then free to focus 100 percent of your attention on wild Pokémon and the tiny matter of catching ’em all.