Piero Plus Grey - Atellani
Piero Plus Grey - Atellani
Piero Plus Grey - Atellani
Piero Plus Grey - Atellani

Piero Plus Grey

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Corsini shoes are made out of the best quality Italian suede from Florence. Each pair is handcrafted and individually quality controlled.

This pair has an all-natural antibacterial treatment included.

All of our shoes are made 100% in Italy, from the first stitches to the end product.

All our high quality materials are produced in Italy and that all stages of the production are realized in our factory in Fucecchio, Tuscany.

Our leather is from the heart of Italy, from the go-to location of luxury leather brands. Our super smooth finish rubber soles come from Ancona, Marche area. Eveything is carefully assembled in Fucecchio by our trusted and family owned factory. Our lab tests and antibacterial treatments are done in Brescia. We oversee the whole production from Milan.

Our insoles will keep your feet odor-free

All natural antibacterial insole treatment

Corsini shoes make socks optional

Stay fresh in your shoes all day long

We provide the finest comfort with our all plant, anti-bacterial and anti-odor insole treatment Corsini makes wearing socks an optional. Thanks to our revolutionary, completely natural, anti-bacterial treatment, your shoes won’t smell and will stay fresh throughout the day. Our long-lasting formula is hypo-allergenic and does not use synthetic ingredients.